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Agency & Brokerage Services

Leasing of commercial space is deemed to be 2 nd biggest challenge for a company after staff sourcing and payroll. Commercial leasing means more than a place to do a business. Area of expertise of Xact Search, as a real estate leasing company includes Agency and Brokerage Services. Xact Search Team has been representing Owners and Tenants for many past few years. Using our services one can definitely save money and time by avoiding unwanted real estate alternatives. Our staffs are trained and have the skill set to represent the interest of clients when negotiating with land owners. With through knowledge of current market scenario of the place we can get flexibility in lease duration and concessions as required.

It should be understood that not all owners and tenants are experts in complicated inner workings of commercial real estate. We are early waiting to assist our clients to evaluate the current scenario of their requirement and negotiate best possible strategy to fulfill the needs concerning their commercial real estate space.

Through our agency services we guarantee minimizing the time involved in completing the leasing procedure, providing reduction in cost.

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