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Financial Analysis

Location Xact search team has a set of procedures, principles and check list to analyse the financial data of the commercial leasing. Our knowledgeable staff shall analyse the end to end costs involved in executing a commercial leasing deal. This includes things like base rent cost, rent increase proportion, present and future utility expense, permits and charges for expansion, relocation charges, parking charges, leasing commissions, government payables, occupancy costs etc.

We compare the alternative and present occupancy costs in the lease agreement in order to enable to client to calculate the lease cost for the full year. Effective occupancy per square foot is presented to the client without hidden charges to enable the client to make the right decision on the property choice. Xact search makes the owners and tenants understand the principles they follow while analyzing the costs involved.

Hence even when the agreement of lease is done the cash flow shall be properly monitored by the user.

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