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Lease Agreements

Commercial lease agreements are to be thoroughly studied before entering or signing the documents for the fact that Commercial lease terms are usually negotiable. Xact Search team makes sure that the Agreements are framed properly involving the terms that are normally subjected for change like rent amount, advance amount, percentage of rent increase, options for sublet, length of lease and extension chances, maintenance requirements and landlord fulfillment of necessities.

Many companies use standard lease agreements to get through the lease done as soon as possible but we deem this as wrong procedure. Lease agreement preparations are forte of Xact Search team. Our experts advises the clients as what term of Agreement (long or short) shall be suitable for their business based on the type of company, duration of requirement, the type of tenant can engage in on the compound and customer services involved.

This will save the end user from getting into unwanted contractual terms, which might cause trouble in the end.

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